A fashion shoot inspired by 70s fashion, morning light, and roller skates.

modeling photography70s fashion photography70s fashion shoot70s fashion photography

Meet Josie Blu Byrd.  I know, her name is awesome!  Not only is her name, but she is as well.  Josie rocked this shoot x a-million.  I was going for a 70s feel.  It started with that yellow dress.  I found it thrift shopping and was so excited about this gem (who would get rid of this?!)!  Next, I wanted to incorporate roller skates, high-socks, and beautiful warm light!  I found this location, which was PERFECT, fun, and simply radical.  We did have to do a little trespassing, but sometimes you have to take risk to get the shot, right?  After stylizing the shoot with wardrobe, location, I knew Josie would be perfect with her amazing hair, looks…do I need to go on? Her talented sister, Crystal Byrd, did Josie’s hair and make-up for this shoot.  If you all follow my work you know I have worked with Crystal many-many times before, she’s very talented and amazing at what she does.  Needless to say, combining all the elements I’ve mentioned the shoot came to life.  We had a lot of fun and I’m kinda obsessed with these images.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


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