27 was an ABSOLUTLEY-amazing year! Now, don’t get me wrong…I am human and definitely had some hard times, as well as experienced new things, met new-talented humans, and created beautiful art and wonderful memories with my family and friends!


It all started with a beautiful (and FREEZING) camping trip to Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee. My boyfriend, myself, and our beautiful daughter hit the road on our first “camping” journey all together (besides local camping). It was an incredible experience watching my daughter take in nature, water falls, and having game nights in the camper! Her curiosity and innocence inspires me everyday. We have our rough days (I think every parent knows what I mean), but creating memories and experiences for her to learn, grow, and shine warms my heart. Sadly, our journey ended sooner then expected. My family went through a loss. My father-in-law was a wonderful man and he was battling cancer. It finally defeated him. We all miss and love him very much, but our memories are what bring the smiles to our faces.


Christmas was a hard holiday to follow, but oh the joy it brings as a mother! When your alarm clock consist of tiny toes running down the hallway and a whole 30 lbs jumping into your warm and cozy bed may just be the best alarm clock I have ever experienced. Especially, followed by warm coffee and presents being ripped open! #falalalala


Oh 27! You were good to me in 2015. I started the year with the most AMAZING workshop ever, Yeah Field Trip! Seriously! Best place on earth. Just go see for yourself and don’t fight the temptation.


After that little journey, my best friend and I (Hey Kaylyn!) flew to LA to be apart of the one and only, BANDO, fall catalog photoshoot!!! They flew us out after discovering the portraits I took of Kaylyn! I got to not only shoot behind the scenes while Max Wanger did his thing, but I got to model as well…with my BFF! #SOMUCHFUN The best part they officially made us apart of their forever #girlgang!


From having those two experiences back-to-back my heart was full of creativity and inspiration! The rest of the year consisted of weddings, engagements, and fashion shoots! All ending with the same thing…new friends, new work, and beautiful stories that I got to tell. I’m so thankful to all of you who trusted me and allowed me to be apart of some BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING memories.


Something about birthdays make you soul search; reflect. Did I do my best? Did I reach my goals? Every choice I made as 27 has led me to this exact moment in my life and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve become more aware of who I am and who I want to be…as a mother, a lover, a woman, and an artist.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. My favorite quote and life motto is from my true best friend, my rock, my-ying-to-my-yang, my beautiful mother. “Anyone can steal anything from you, except your knowledge and your experiences”. As you can see from above, I’m a fan of creating experiences as well as gaining knowledge any time I have the opportunity. I owe all of that to Connie (my mom) the smartest woman I know and a life full of her own experiences that I love to hear.


Cheers to a new year, to knew experiences, and to new knowledge. 27 has ended, but 28 is just beginning.


// A special thanks to a wonderful friend, an amazing photographer, and a beautiful woman inside and out, Dear Wesleyann. She has been a GREAT friend of mine for almost 5 years now and is the one responsible for these amazing portraits. Waking up with a best friend to coffee, the moon, champagne, and 28 gold balloons is #akeeper #foreverandalways. Love you oh so dearly. Thank you for everything you do for me! //


Reach for the Stars,
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