“How Blaine and I met:

Blaine and I met May 2006 at my best friend’s wedding in Waco, TX. I was her matron of honor and he was a guest of her husband’s. Blaine and I both found out later, it was somewhat of a set up. Brenda knew that Blaine was my type of guy and that if she could somehow have us meet that we would like each other.  So, the wedding was her chance to make this happen. At her reception, both of us were told that each of us had been eyeing the other one; in reality I don’t think either one of us had paid attention to each other. J I went over and spoke to Blaine and we ended up dancing and talking the rest the evening. We managed to keep in touch over the years as friends and never thought of each other dating potential because of the distance. In 2010, Blaine and I started talking more and I decided to visit Brenda in TX just to see how things would work.  Blaine and I hit it off and were engaged Oct of 2011.

Our Wedding Day:

It was a beautiful day to marry my best friend. A man I had been searching to find for a very long time. Looking down the aisle and seeing him waiting for me, gave me a calm and warm feeling. It was about us from that point on and the beginning of the rest of our lives together.  As a little girl, I never dreamed about what my wedding day would be like, I always just wondered what I would do. I never could have imagined a better wedding day or man to be marrying. ” Natalie Cook

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As a wedding photographer I get to witness people in love. It’s always so amazing watching couples interactions and how they fit with one another.  With that Natalie and Blaine are PERFECT for each other!  He makes her laugh and she brings a huge grin to his face.  Their both so sweet and so humble. Not only am I honored  I was there to tell their story, but I now have two more friends…


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