Hawaii Proposal

This past February was a month to remember! It all started with a trip to Hawaii to photograph a wedding (stay tuned for that BLOG post!). It just so happen my BEST FRIEND was coming along too! Her boyfriend (now fiancĂ©), Steve with Wild Light Films, was the videographer for the wedding. Were all such good friends we decided to make a “double-date vacation”! My husband, myself, Steve, and Spencer all stayed in a little airbnb on the Northshore of Hawaii. We explored, ate delicious food, shot a BEAUTIFUL wedding…but there was one HUGE surprise we were all keeping from Spencer…STEVE WAS GOING TO PROPOSE! If any of you know me, you know I’m an emotional soul and my heart was going to explode! It was so hard for me to keep my emotions in check until he actually proposed, but I’m happy to say I pulled it off!

On the day of the proposal we all set off to Waikiki. It was a gloomy day on the island of Honolulu and Waikiki had a tad more sunshine which we were all craving. Steve and I had a plan…he was going to propose using Spencer’s favorite BABE Rose drinks and I was going to photograph it. The only problem, we didn’t have an exact location. He originally wanted to do it on a hiking trail with a hawaiian backdrop, but Spencer had declined that idea. She wanted Sunshine and salty hair (I couldn’t blame her)! So we moved on from that location and then thought of the Royal Hawaiian. It was all PINK, but the vibe just wasn’t right. At this point I was getting nervous for Steve, but he was determined. I noticed a catamaran with $2 Man-tais and mentioned it to the group…with everyone onboard…the plan was finally in motion!

Steve called ahead and let the captain know his plan! I was so EXCITED I couldn’t handle it! We were cruising in the pacific and I got the look from Steve…THE LOOK! It was time! OMG! He smoothly asked Spencer if she wanted to take a quick pic in the back while the boat was stopped (little did she know the boat was stopped for her). When we got to the back, Steve asked if she wanted some Rose. Ladies and gentleman, it was the moment of truth! On that can, Steve cleverly changed it to say “BABE will you marry me” instead of BABE Rose. As he handed it to her I was photographing (she was still clueless) and then she saw it! Her mouth dropped, tears were flooding, then came laughter, then the disbelief! It was so beautiful. My BEST FRIEND just got engaged! Finally, I could cry and hug her! My heart was filled with happiness for them both. I’ve photographed many proposals, but photographing your best friends is a whole different story. So, with that, take a look for yourself of this beautiful moment below.

Spencer and Steve, I LOVE you both so much! I’m so excited for your new journey. Let the wedding festivities BEGIN! xx

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