Let me introduce you to the newly weds, Melinda and Carlos! Their rustic wedding was so BEAUTIFUL and I’m excited for you to see the ‘deets’ below…but before that happens…here is a little story of Melinda and Carlos!

“My fiancé, Carlos, is a trickster and also a hopeless romantic. Our relationship started in a parking garage. He had the hood of his car popped and I happened to park next to him (we lived in the same apartment complex). I thought he might need jumper cables, so I offered mine – to which he replied “no thank you” so I walked inside. Two months later I came out to the garage to find a note on my car. Carlos said he had been hoping he would run into me since the night I saw him in the garage and had been going to all of the apartment mixers hoping to find me. He was about to move to a different complex and thought a note on my car was his last option to actually meet me. (I was weirded out by the note, but agreed to meet him for dinner anyway haha). We have been together ever since – he was very persistent, haha! I later found out that he was working on his car changing the battery that night because he was preparing to give the car to his brother for Christmas. I was pretty much in love after I realized what a good heart he has.

“Our first date was at a restaurant called the Flying Saucer. It was a Wednesday evening and I told Carlos I would go out with him, but I had to go back to work after our dinner (I really didn’t have to work and I needed an escape route in case the semi blind date didn’t go well!) I will always remember being freezing because we had to sit outside due to limited seating inside and it was super chilly! I will also remember Carlos talking about working out (which is so unlike him to talk about) because he claims he was so nervous, haha! I was worried we wouldn’t have much in common, but then he walked me to my car and I was suddenly compelled to kiss him on the cheek… Carlos left a note and a rose on my car the next morning that just said “I’m really glad I met you.”

As you can see their love started out almost like a movie! Full of ROMANCE and mystery! Their wedding was nothing less. So many beautiful details everywhere you turned! Their ceremony took place under the trees at Eden Gardens, followed by their rustic-elegant reception at The Grand Lawn in Sandestin Resort!

Melinda’s talented dad designed and made all of her gorgeous table lanterns and floral boxes! Talk about a woodsman?! So GORGEOUS! There were so many beautiful moments on their wonderful day…I loved the moment were Melinda did a first look with all her girls! It was so precious!! AND lets not forget about Carols and Melinda’s first look as well! #priceless

Needless to say this day was filled with love, smiles, tears, laughs, and I am completely honored to have been apart of it all, to document such a beautiful story, and meet such kind souls. Congratulations Melinda and Carlos!



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VENDORS // Planner –  Shelby Peaden Events / Ceremony Venue –  Eden Gardens / Reception Venue – The Grand Lawn at Sandestin Resort  / Hair Stylist – Tania Crawford / Bouquet + boutonniere – GG Blooms  / Band – Bay Kings Band / Videographer –  Kali Piersall / Cake – Holly Cakes / Catering – Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort / Rentals – The Big Day Events  / Dress – Haley Paige / Shoes – Kate Spade / Bridesmaid Dresses – BHLDN //

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