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By the time I made it to my gate, the pre-wedding excitement began to flood me. From the moment Sarah and Harold contacted me about photographing their Pennsylvania wedding I was filled with anticipation! Sarah’s initial email had me swooning over their love, style, and details of their lovely day. Not only are these two perfectly amazing, this mega babe is a creator herself. (Take a peek at Sarah’s lil’ biz, Daisy Natives. She designs graphic tees (and more) that are to-die-for. SERIOUSLY.Super cute!)

Sarah and all her girls designed most of the details, including those bright and fun floral crowns! They also made the adorable succulent place cards, the table centerpieces; which include the stacks of books and the gold mason jars filled with more bright florals, the bouquets, and the corsages!  Sarah’s mom, Leslie, designed and handmade all of the stationary…and get this…Sarah and her MOH BAKED the wedding cake and  ALL of the CUPCAKES! What?!! Insane I know! When you think DIY, you can’t help but imagine to see a few flaws and design ideas that don’t totally hit the mark. THERE WAS NONE OF THIS ANYWHERE. Seriously… She nailed it!! Perfection. Absolutely stunning decor. I would have never believed that any of the wedding was DIY if I didn’t hear it from the bride myself! Not only were the designs hand made without flaw, but the concept and style alike truly felt professionally done. It’s one thing to have ideas of your perfect day and another to execute and bring those ideas to life! And by yourself!? I still can’t believe it. From the classic white tables to the unique book settings, Sarah managed to combine classic elements with her own personal touches which spoke -volumes- of their love and relationship (Book joke.. See what I did there?!). Walking through the venue felt so authentically fresh, intimate, romantic and  filled with personality ALL at the same time… To say I was impressed by the day would be a total understatement!!!

I was immediately inspired upon seeing the venue. The natural light and flow of the space was truly beautiful on its own… Add in Sarah and Harold’s personal decor and style and it was a dream venue! Oh yeah… Did I mention that their venue was an art gallery (Reading Art Works)!? How much cuter could they be?! Seriously! I was so in love with this couple from the moment we began planning for the day and it only grew as the experience continued. By the time wedding day arrived, I was filled with the desire to document their love in the truest form possible. I knew that with such a beautiful couple and location that in general, good photos would be a walk in the park! But my goal is always to capture the true emotional essence of the couple, not just the day and decor. Harold and Sarah made the whole experience effortless and enjoyable for all of us! The beauty of the gallery was surely stand alone and sang the tune of Harold +Sarah’s relationship… the ability to go a step further and make an art gallery even more stunning was just unbelievable… And they did it with DIY?! Are you kidding me!? Mind. Blown.

The ceremony was so alive with love and true emotion you could feel it in the room. Watching his eyes as Sarah walked down the aisle gave chills and is truly why I love what I do! Witnessing H+S let their love flow into the room definitely had the tears flowing… and I’m not just talking about myself! (looking at you, hubby)! I was so honored to experience an event filled with such true desire to be united as one. Totally heart melting!! The energy of emotion traveled from happy tears to pure joy as the reception kicked off. Seriously so much fun!! When Sarah asked her mom for a dance we all “awwwwwed” in surprise but no one was as touched as she was. Not only was this another amazingly original idea on Sarah’s behalf… But it was just one of many shared moments of true love and emotion throughout the event. While we all know the day is about the bride + groom, there is nothing like the love between a mother and daughter. The dance was so heart warming, beautiful, and of course FUN.. No surprise there! Harold +Sarah’s day was surely a day of true love being lived out and shared by many.

A few words from the bride herself…”I think my favorite part of the day was the build up to walking down the aisle. It’s unlike any feeling I’ve ever felt before. It was exciting and nerve-wracking and happy but sad and exhilarating and beautiful all at the same time. It was a kinda life-flashing-before-your-eyes feeling. And then all of those feelings went away when I got up the aisle and saw Harold in his suit surrounded by our favorite people in the world. Suddenly a wave of calmness took over and I knew I was about to make the easiest decision of my life.”

I am truly in love with documenting -true love- and Harold +Sarah made it so easy. To find a couple with such a unique style and vision for their day is a dream come true to my heart as a photographer!! Nothing I post could ever compare to experiencing the day first hand… Seriously, it was a modern-indie-DIY-emotional-love fest-fairy tale!!! But my hope is to bring a sliver of the beauty and overwhelming love of Harold +Sarah’s amazing day to you…


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VENDORS // Venue – Reading Art Works / Coordinator – Larry Byrd / Dress – Melissa Sweet / Shoes – BHLDN / Cake topper – Etsy / Bridesmaid Dresses – Weddington Way / Groom’s attire – Macy’s / Bow ties – The Tie Bar / Groomsmen attire – J. Crew / Groomsmen Shoes – Vans / Bridesmaids Robes –Esty /DJ – A Time for Music & Memories / Catering –Viva //

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