I first met Kelly and her parents for Brunch in Seaside, FL. Kelly and I were both secretly nervous, but once we met “it was all history”! Ok, ok, had to say it! But, seriously Kelly has this incredible smile that just welcomes you and her parents are the sweetest and most adorable couple in all of the universe. After a few mimosas, laughs, and stories they felt like family!

John and Kelly are both in the medical field as military physicians and both are EXTREMELY sweet! Seriously, their first date John brought food to cook at Kelly’s. He made an array of Spanish tapas which is was her favorite! They both studied abroad in Spain as college students so the love of that country is something they both share. Yes please!  Their wedding was nothing short of sweet. It was intimate, especially with all the guest wearing white, the beach had this moody-beautiful light…it felt as almost time was frozen and only this wonderful group of friends and family were existent. Almost felt like magic.

With that said, Kelly wrote a few words herself and I wanted to share them with you all…

“It is incredibly easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of planning a wedding and making sure every little detail is perfect. Leading up to the wedding was stressful, in anticipation of all of our close friends and family arriving to our destination wedding weekend in beautiful Rosemary Beach, Florida. Rather than reflect on every detail I loved (which were many!), there are a few key moments which really shined for me. Leading up to the wedding our rehearsal dinner and bonfire on the beach was a behemoth to plan, but it was also the highlight. Standing around the fire while each one of our bridal party stepped forward to give their speech was magical. Under the glittering stars, the fire warm on our faces, we all listened to their words about friendship, love, and the future. This moment will stay with me for the rest of my life. The day of the wedding I made a conscience decision to eliminate any urges to fix the little details. I trusted the plan and the people I had hired to make my vision become a reality. As I walked down the stairs not the beach for the ceremony, seeing everyone in shades of white before the gorgeous driftwood arch that Events by Nouveau had constructed, I could not stop smiling because everything came together so perfectly. The clouds, the soft shade of blue of the water, my handsome future husband waiting for me. This mental picture I will save forever. And last, after he reception on the rooftop pool deck of The Pearl, John and I were led into the ballroom. As we walked up we could faintly hear the music playing and my heart was racing. Hiring the band was something I had delegated to John, and though we both listened to their demo CD together, we still did not really know which compilation of band members would be playing for our big day. We walked straight in to our first dance. The moment I heard the singer’s velvety voice and his rendition of our first song- Anthony Hamilton’s “I’m Ready”- tears came to my eyes. I looked around the room, candles flickering, and everyone was smiling with pure joy. This moment was PERFECT. And Bay Kings Band was incredible. (Since then I have watched our first dance video about 10 times-I can’t stop!) John and I both agree without a doubt that this was our favorite moment. And now we get to relive all of these memories in each insanely beautiful photo captured by Autumn.”- Kelly

I’m excited to share their story and I’m grateful to have made two more friends in this crazy-beautiful world we live in.


Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-19 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-18 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-17 HML_3113 HML_3115 the pearl wedding photogrpahy 13Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-4 the pearl wedding photography Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-73 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-56 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-67 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-81 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-86 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-90 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-103 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-26 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-25 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-24 the pearl wedding photogrphy 2 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-31 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-147 the pearl wedding photography3Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-39 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-174 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-216 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-220 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-111 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-335 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-337 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-242 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-120 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-118 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-122 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-276 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-324 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-326 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-334 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-346 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-358 the pearl wedding photography4 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-378 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-386 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-387Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-447 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-413Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-213 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-214 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-217 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-230 the pearl wedding photogrpahy 5 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-479 the pearl wedding photography6 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-530 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-565 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-693 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-697 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-689 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-700 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-539 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-545 the pearl wedding photography7 Rosemary Beach Wedding Photography_HML Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-266 the pearl wedding photography8 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-271 the pearl wedding photography9 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-420 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-421 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-557 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-562 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-619 the pearl wedding photogrpahy 10the pearl wedding photography11 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-75 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-204 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-388 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-395 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-399 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-402 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-466 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-532 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-448 the pearl wedding photography12 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-639 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-649 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-682 Rosemary-Beach-Wedding-Photography_HML-714 Rosemary Beach Wedding Photography_HML-715

// VENDORS // Florals-Events by Nouveau / Venue-The Pearl / Caterer-The pearl / Dress-Ivy&Aster / Bridesmaids Dresses-Amsale / Grooms Tux-Bonobos / Rings and Jewelry-Emma Quist jewelry /Invitations-Mother of the Bride and Bride / Cake-Bake My Day / Band-Bay King Band //

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