Let me first say it’s always an honor to get to do what I love and the fact my amazing clients, like Caitlin and Miguel, make it happen by trusting me to join their day an photograph their happy story.  I first met Caitlin and Miguel over a cup of coffee in Seaside, FL.  As soon as I saw them I knew it was going to be a perfect fit.  They both were lounging and laughing with their shades on and coffee in hands…I instantly felt at home.   I love how laid back you two are and it rolled on through out the entire day of the wedding!   Both are completely kind, funny, and like to have a GOOD time!!

Caitlin and Miguel are New Yorkers who fell in love and decided to announce their love for eternity at their destination wedding in Seagrove, FL, at the one and only, Triple Crown House / venue located right on the beach. ((I’ve shot their once before if you want to take a looksie right: here. :))

As you can see below, the day was gloomy, but STUNNING.  The overcast weather provided a flawless light and clouds that acted as accents to all the photographs.  Rain or shine, Miguel and Caitlin’s spirits were high and their dance moves were even higher!!  Seriously, these kids can groove. In all serious, I’m so thankful to have been apart of such a fun and special day.  Their love was so amazing to witness and I wish you two the best of luck and a life full of dancing, adventure, and trust.  Happy thanksgiving to you two and everyone else!  I’m thankful for my amazing clients, my family, and that I get to photograph the most remarkable thing…love.



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To Caitlin and Miguel…may you have an infinite amount of adventures, laughs, and a love that last forever and a day. xx

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V E N D O R S //

Dress / Anna Campbell

Florsit / Destin Florist

MKA / Kamryn Weis

Hair / Michelle Chappelle

DJ / DJ Nice

Venue / Triple Crown

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