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Sometimes I’m lucky enough to meet such amazing people with my career.  People just like Brittany and Justin. Brittany contacted me about doing a stylized shoot for their engagements with a boho inspiration in mind. “Bohemian” is a popular term used to describe a sense of style for a lot of today’s photography, fashion, and lifestyle.  It’s described as “a gypsy of society”, which I adore. When I think of boho I think about free spirited humans who crave adventure, the beauty of nature and the urge to see the world, simplicity, feathers and florals, sheer-dresses (typically from Free People), and of course that raw emotional love. I teamed up with Lauren from Lovegood Weddings who provided the perfect boho props to make this shoot come to life.

Brittany is an artist her self.  She creates and designs stunning jewelry with her partner at BB Lila Jewelry. Seriously! Go take a peek! She is super talented and mighty beautiful!!

All in all, I’m pretty damn honored to have met these two and spend the evening documenting their inspiring love, relationship, and smiles. You two rock!


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  1. Lisa Bullock says:

    Wow! What a beautiful couple and amazing pictures!

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