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Many of you may know who that pretty blonde is above, but for those who don’t, she is Amy.  Amy is one of my best friends and one who shoots with Hello Miss Lovely from time to time at weddings.  These images are so moving to me.  Reflected in them is a love that shows not just who she is, but one that she shares with her wonderful man, Joshua.

Not only was it heart-warming to capture my best friend and her significant other, but this was my first BELOVED session that I shot by myself.  For those who are unaware of what Beloved means, it is a type of shoot that strives to capture not only the people, but essence of their relationship as well.  It is an experience full of emotion, honesty, and laughter.  Amy and Joshua brought all three of those to the table.

Joshua is an artist, an amazing one at that, who works across both traditional and contemporary mediums.  During the session I asked him to think of one word that described Amy.  With materials in hand he showed her “devotion”.   This entire portrait session, from the people and the love to the wonderful location and the light, was simply perfect.

Hello Miss Lovely Photography | Amy + Josh | Portrait Photography

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