// Florida Children Portrait Photographer //

You may have seen this beautiful little face on here before, but just in case, let me proudly introduce you to my fabulous little girl, Luna. Luna recently turned 6 and ever year I try to take portraits of her, not only for me, but for her as well. I think it will be so much fun for her to look back on when she’s older!

These past 6 years have been nothing but incredible. “Time fly’s bye within a blink of an eye” is an under statement. I remember like yesterday the day Luna was born! Every detail, pain, laugh, tear…and then you blink…and she’s 6!

Luna is FULL of amazing, beautiful-SASSY-energy. Her laughter is my joy and she truly inspires me to stay young, creative, and pushes me towards success in every part of my life.

“I had no idea it would be this much. I had no idea I could handle it. I had no idea how beautiful it all actually is.” –Tyler Knott Gregson, explains motherhood the best. My life truly began 6 years ago when my sweet love made her debut in this big beautiful place we call home.

Happy Birthday Luna Rae!

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