Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH! This was the first time I got to official meet Leslie and Lawson, and I was thrilled! Leslie contacted me not too long ago about photographing their upcoming wedding and engagements (duh!). After emailing back and forth I kind of feel in love. To start out, their baby’s (Shih Tzu) name is Luna (same as my daughters) and her style is very laid back, bohemian, and just simple (we might be twins).

Leslie also has a spot in her heart for yoga, knowing that Lawson surprised her at the most precious time down on one knee…”The proposal was sweet as could be. Lawson knows I’m happiest at yoga, so he “allowed” me to drag him to a class a few weeks ago. We were sweaty messes by the end of it, and finally made it to savasana. I was lying on the floor, and I heard Lawson get up and leave! What a no-no! Could he really not hold his bladder for 5 minutes?! Ha! I heard him come back, and suddenly “Lava” came on. (If you haven’t had a chance to see Inside Out, super adorable, and that’s where the song came from!) I opened my eyes and he was kneeling beside me. I lost it.”

OMG. I’m in LOVE with their story! How adorable is that?! With that said, lets get back to the engagement shoot…Since they both love the beach I knew the PERFECT spot. ALL beach and sand dunes!!! It’s seriously stunning. I enjoyed every second documenting their amazing love and I can’t wait to continue their story on their wedding day…to be continued.


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