Brittany and Justin…two beautiful souls, two best friends, and now their married. I first met Brittany and Justin when I photographed their engagements. They were GORGEOUS and so much fun to be around. Needless to say a friendship took place :) Justin and Brittany got married on the green lawn in Watercolor, FL. It was a beautiful and perfect day. I love how their details and location reflected their style and personalities to the “T”. I’m beyond honored I got to be apart of their wonderful day and continue telling their story. You two mean the world to me and I’m so thrilled for the both of you!! xx

I thought I’d share a few words from the lovely bride herself; “So normally on your wedding day, I hear most people say they are really nervous and anxious. I can honestly say I wasn’t nervous at all.. I asked Justin if he was nervous that day and he said he wasn’t either.
I knew I was marrying the man that I had prayed for. ( Thanks Jesus for looking out, wink wink)
Our wedding day was beyond a dream come true. That sounds so cliche and silly but it’s true. My photographer( Hello Miss Lovely) was slammin, Fisher Flowers on point, guitarist killed it, Joseph Lanzy was perfect as always… Everything flowed just so smoothly.
I really wanted to take it all in and look at all the tiny details. I’m a freak about designing so when I saw the driftwood arbor and reception setup I was smiling so big..because it was just how I envisioned it..(I’m not a traditional bride so that can be tricky ha ha)…I have to say, I was so in love with my flowers and gold urns! It was so me. I kind of wanted to do the happy dance when I saw everything!
My favorite part of the day was when  my Mom and I were walking down towards the driftwood arbor and seeing everybody there. Everyone looked lovely in their white/creme boho dresses… and seeing Justin waiting there for me made my heart smile … It truly felt magical walking down the beach to him. I don’t know if it was the stunning driftwood arbor mixed with all the light dresses plus ocean… Or maybe all of it, but it was dreamy…
Reception was simply perfect too. Food incredible, romantic string lights, fresh flowers, gold urns, huge stars, acoustic covers of Stevie Nicks, followed by adorable intimate bonfire.. The list just continues…..” -Brittany


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