As a wedding photographer I witness couples in love.  I witness them in an honest and vulnerable moment in their lives, which is what is so intriguing.  But what happens after?  After all the wedding planning, the stars and glitz, etc.?   I’ll tell you.  After comes amazing years with your best friend, the love of your life, and creating more memories.  After comes celebrating your Anniversary, the day you let yourself be vulnerable and honest…the day you married your soul mate.  With that said,  Meet Megan and Jason.   I first met Megan and Jason through my WONDERFUL past clients, Loren + Destin. Today is Megan and Jason’s 10 year anniversary!  10 years!!  That’s a decade of new experiences,  new cherish’s, and a lot of love.  I know that, because these two didn’t miss a beat.  After 10 years of marriage they looked at each other like they just met.  Their comfort and laughter towards each other was incredibly touching.   They reminded me of why I do what I do.   It was such an honor to capture this memory for you two and I wish you 10 more years of  happiness and love.  You two are an inspiration.



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