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Not many people awake to the rise of the sun, but when they do it’s something incredible to witness, a fresh feeling of a brand new day…especially on a morning you marry your best friend.   With that said, Jess and Sven, my adorable clients did just that.  They had an intimate-sunrise bohemian wedding with a breakfast reception to follow.  Coffee and mimosa’s? Yes please!

You may notice the officiant marrying  Jess and Sven is wearing a wetsuit.  It was pretty hilarious!  No one knew he was the officiant and there was just a guy bobbing around in the water.  Parents were starting to get concerned he would be in the way, and what a surprise when he came out of the water, approaching them, and boom he was the one to make it all happen!  It was priceless and incredibly amazing to watch!

A sunrise wedding comes with sunrise lighting, which is absolutely stunning!  I loved the progression and the constant change of the light.  It was a lot of fun to play with and I truly wanted to document the day, the light, and the overall laid-back feeling of how Jess and Sven’s lovely story was.  I couldn’t be happier with how the morning turned out and am so honored to be apart of such a remarkable day.

Jess and Sven congratulations and I wish you many years of happiness, friendship, and adventures together. Cheers!


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sunrise bohemian wedding


 Vendors //

Photography / Hello Miss Lovely

Hair + Make-up / Crystal Byrd

Rentals / The Big Day Event Rentals

Flowers / Etsy (TBA)

Catering / (TBA)


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