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“Nothing else in the world mattered.  What we share is magical.  Every word, every story, every touch, every moment we share is indescribable.  The love I have for Tim reflects in his eyes and I could feel it most standing under the stars that perfect night.  I felt as if I were in a fairy tale.  Running away to a secret garden to elope to my Prince Charming, my best friend…my soulmate.  I truly felt like a princess and the universe was spinning around just the two of us.” -Alisabeth W.


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grayton beach wedding

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This Grayton Beach Wedding was so romantic. Everything about this session for us was real and honest.  Alisabeth and Tim eloped at the most beautiful venue, Monet Monet.  We were so happy and genuinely honored to be able to witness this private affair.  We hope you enjoyed these images as much as we did taking them.



Amy & Autumn

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