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Wow!  I, for one, can not believe another year has gone by.  It is crazy how swiftly time passes.  It enlightens me as to what I do and I truly cherish the moments I have captured, the friends I have made, and the goals I have accomplished.
Year 2013 started off with inspiration boards, goals, and dreams.   I am happy to say so many of them have been reached!  As many of you already know, Hello Miss Lovely started with myself and my wonderful friend, Amy.  One of the hardest parts of the year was when she left Hello Miss Lovely.  Saying goodbye to a co-worker was hard, but we never said goodbye to our friendship!  She is a wonderful mother and wanted to spend these precious times with her beautiful little girls.  (You can all read more about her departing, here.)
With that said, I had a new journey to begin and the next chapter for Hello Miss Lovely was about to start!  As an artist, I want to portray the art, the emotion, and the light that I see when I’m photographing.  Going back to the beginning and choosing my favorite images I have taken was such a rewarding experience.   In this industry it is easy to feel defeated or not reach your own expectations, especially when there are so many wonderful artists out there.  This was a reminder for me to keep pursuing my dreams and doing what I love most, capturing stunning moments, telling stories, and documenting the most important memories in someone’s life.
My mother always told me anyone can steal anything from you except your knowledge and your experiences.  So I always try to gain more of each whenever there is an opportunity.  So this year I went to a photography work shop by Dan O’Day and Samm BlakeArt and the Heart, in Palm Springs, CA.   It was an incredible experience to say the least!  I met so many talented photographers, amazing and genuine people,  and learned more about what I love.  (You can see some of my memories here:))
On a personal note, I witnessed my beautiful little girl grow, laugh, and show me more inspiration then I could ever ask for.  Seeing the world through a child’s eyes is rewarding, humble, and inspiring.  I’m so proud of you Luna Rae, you are my moon and stars.
All in all, this year brought happiness, inspiration, and ambition.  I can not wait to experience what 2014 has in store.


2013 Features:

Burnetts Board

Floridean Weddings

Story Board Wedding


Paper & Lace



Mozi Magazine

Lemonade & Lenses

Panama City Living Magazine

Northwest Florida Wedding Magazine

Weddings Unveiled



2013 Emerging photographer Award

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I wish all of you a warm and inspiring New Year!


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  1. Sara says:

    It has been such an honor to feature your work this past year. I’m so lucky that you found me! xx

  2. Renee says:

    These are ALL so, so amazing!!!!!!

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