Hello Miss Lovely | 2014 Review

Hello Miss Lovely – A Look Back on 2014

Oh my goodness!  Where do I even start??  2014 was such a huge milestone for myself and Hello Miss Lovely.  I documented over 20 weddings and told each client’s story as beautiful and unique as they were.  With those stories came new friendships that I’ll forever hold dear to my heart.  It’s such an honor to be apart of all these wonderful lovers special day.  This starts their legacy and it will be passed down for generations to come.  For all of you who allowed me to tell your story, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.   With weddings comes AWESOME vendors and venues of which I had the pleasure to work beside, there are so many I don’t even know where to start.  I will say there are a few I have worked with quite a bit during 2014, collaborating and creating beautiful work together (Lovegood WeddingsBella FloraEmerald Custom Cakes)!!!!

In 2014 I pushed myself as an artist.  I never want to stop learning so I always try to attend a photography workshop or just try new things and experiment.  I got to attend WPPI in Vegas with a few friends which was AMAZING as usual.  Who doesn’t have a great time in Vegas?!  Apart from that I just keep photographing – whether if its my friends, my daughter, or even my dog…I always continue to teach myself and learn new things.  It keeps me driven and inspired!  Those of you who follow me know I love my HML babes!  I take time to photograph models and explore the fashion part of photography every day.  I love taking creative portraits of females (which you will see below)!!

My daughter, Luna Rae, turned four in October and her little personality is shining bright!  I’m such a proud mother and her little laughter inspires me every day.  She is the one who pushes me towards success and brings happiness to my life.  Everything I do is for you Luna!

With that said, I hope you enjoy this post.  It’s so rewarding looking back at all the photographs I got to take, memories I got to document, and the friendships that came with it.  I’m forever grateful for all your trust, kindness, and love!  Being able to do what I love, using my camera as a passport through this world, photographing love stories, and everything else is astonishing!  It is an incredible feeling that I will never take for granted…



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VENUES// Alys Beach, Eden Gardens, Seaside, Fine Art 30A, Watercolor, Blacks Island, Triple Crown, Grayton Beach State Park //

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