We are Amy and Autumn.  We like to keep things simple over here at Hello Miss Lovely so below is a little about us!

“Amy is the most caring, sincere person I have ever met.  She is always there for me with open arms– no matter what!  She is thoughtful, fun, and outgoing, AND she’s not afraid to be herself!  I love that about her.  Amy’s smile is contagious, and her laugh is inviting. I can remember the first time we met.  It was through a mutual friend…  we ended up singing karaoke together and laughing our heads off that night.  I love how we both bonded over something as fun and quirky as our love for music.  I also love that six years later we are both able to do what we love together.”


“How to sum up Autumn?  Autumn could 100% be a new Disney character.  Seriously! If you were to combine the following characters it would simply be Autumn.  First, it would be Pocahontas for her love of nature, and her free spirit.  Second, I would say Ariel for her sweet innocence, and because she’s a mermaid– Autumn is OBSESSED with mermaids.  Thirdly, it would be Jasmine because I think Jasmine is the prettiest of them all. ;)  Let’s see.. I can’t forget Cinderella’s godmother! I choose her because she’s the most loving and nurturing mother I have ever met.   Finally, I would say Alice because she’s so stinking cute and dainty.  She dreams of wonderful things, and is never afraid to chase them wherever they might take her.”


That’s us in our own silly, lovely words. :)  And so you can put a face to our names check out some beautiful images of us from a recent photo session!  We usually wouldn’t post this many pictures of ourselves, but the lovely and talented Nichole Burnett did such a fabulous job we can’t help it!!

H E L L O ..W O R L D!











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  1. erica says:

    Love x 100. You girls are beautiful and I wish you tremendous BLESSINGS with your business in 2012 because you are SO talented. Wonderful job, Nichole, these are just stunning!

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