Hello lovelies! Welcome to Part 2 of my PNW trip (You can view Part 1 here)! As you all know my husband and I got to attend the Alpine Northwest Photography workshop as their models ( SO MUCH FUN!). In doing so I got to participate and shoot a few bridal portraits myself. I mean how could I not?! This was by far the most beautiful location my heart has witnessed and Noelle was absolutely stunning in this BHLDN wedding dress. If your a photographer you understand my giddiness!

Hurricane Ridge is in the Olympic National Park and it truly is breathtaking! I’m so humble I was able to photograph a few “Hurricane Ridge bridal portraits” as well as experience the PNW. I didn’t have much time photographing, but I’m happy with what I got and happy to share them with you all!

Until next time…adios friends!

xxPNW-wedding-photographer-24hurricane ridge bridal portrait Hurricane Ridge Bridal Portraits Hurricane Ridge Bridal Portraits Hurricane Ridge Bridal Portraits PNW-wedding-photographer-36 hurricane ridge bridal portrait2 Hurricane Ridge Bridal Portraits

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