Last October my husband and I traveled to the one and only Pacific Northwest. We were lucky ducks and got to be apart of the Alpine Northwest photography workshop. Michael and I first got to Washington State and drove up the is BEAUTIFUL! It was our first time exploring the PNW and I can’t wait to go back! We were models for the workshop (heyyyooo) and we met another couple who was there to do the same thing, Colie and Graham (hey guys!). The four of us ended up exploring for two days before our model debut. Long story short, we LOVED them! We left with two new awesome friends!

Our first adventure was to the gorgeous, Lake Cresent. The windy road led us to a view of awe. There was a light rain and a cool breeze, but it was a memory I’ll never forget.

Colie and Graham’s model debut was before ours…so I got to photograph them as well as some others! We went to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park. After another windy-narrow road, a small hike up a mountain, we finally made it. It too was another jaw dropping view. It’s one of those moments were you realize how small we truly are on this enormous-beautiful planet, earth.

Colie was wearing a lovely gown from BHLDN and absolutely rocked it (side note…it was FREEZING!). I wish I had the opportunity to really photograph an elopement or wedding here or anywhere in the PNW for that matter!

With that said, I’ll introduce you to our two new friends and adorable soulmates, Colie and Graham!

p.s. Colie is a badd-ass make-up artist as well…she did her make-up for their shoot as well as mine! (Michael and I were photographed at Second Beach in La Push…Shout out to Edward!)!


PNW-wedding-photographer-3Pacific Northwest Elopement Photography3 PNW-wedding-photographer-4 PNW-wedding-photographer-14 Pacific Northwest Elopement Photography PNW-wedding-photographer-15 PNW-wedding-photographer-19 Pacific Northwest Elopement Photography2 PNW-wedding-photographer-29

// Here are a few iPhone snaps from our adventures! I’ll post another blog of another bridal shoot that took place this same day! Stay tuned! //

lake cresent lake cresent2

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