Panama City Beach, FL- To be a kid again, right? These little moments are the best! This was shot on Easter day of my beautiful little girl, Luna. It was such a great day full of laughter, family, and CANDY! Luna enjoyed these little drips so much, as did I. Watching her just melted my heart and left me with a huge grin! Luna was so intrigued and so serious, and then dove in and decided those drops of water would be much better in her mouth! Hope you all had a great Easter as well and made lots of little memories, just like this. Enjoy.

xoxo, Autumn

Hello Miss Lovely Photography | Luna Rae

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  1. Elma Joiner says:

    I LOVE your work!! Amy, your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!! They are awesome models. I can’t wait to see pics of my Kelly baby and her Brance

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