Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographer | Brianna + Duke

This eclectic boho wedding with a splash of modern was insanely beautiful! Brianna and Duke got married at The Pearl in Rosemary Beach, FL. It’s an adorable little beach town off 30A with amazing architecture, food, and beaches! I first met Brianna¬†and Duke two years prior to their wedding and I fell in LOVE! Fast forward…and I’m even more in LOVE!

Brianna was the most drop-dead gorgeous bride to date! She wore a two piece beaded cropped top gown designed by Limor Rosen, called “The Rosemary Gown” (crazy right?)! She styled it with chunky sterling silver jewelry…including two wrist cuffs that screamed QUEEN B! Speaking of Queen B, she had her squad looking extra fly in all black wearing the same unique jewelry by Dylan Lex. Her ladies got in formation and they ALL looked STUNNING! Special shout out to Kaitlyn Brown and Sarah Pelco for their amazing skills on Hair and Make-up!

Duke was dapper as ever in his black and white tux. His boys were all in black as well creating a goal setter for all bridal parties.

The best part was Duke and Brianna‘s flawless chemistry. It shined through every image. Their portrait session may be my favorite of all times. Their connection was inspiring and and simply perfect. We strolled the streets of Rosemary and then headed down to the white sandy beaches for the sunset. All of it was just beautiful. (Seriously, just take a peek below)!

They had pops of gold eclectic details, candles and florals to compliment the modern architecture of the Pearl. Their rooftop ceremony and reception overlooked the emerald coast and ended with dancing under the twinkling stars. It was all in all the most perfect day ever.

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