Fall is officially here…what better way to celebrate then with your lover, cuddles, and sipping on some coffee all in the comfort of your home?! Kaitlyn and Joel did just that! These two in home lovers are ADORABLE and I can’t wait for you to see for yourself (just keep scrolling down!).

A lot of you probably know Kaitlyn by her talented skills as a make-up and hair artist on 30A, if not…you do now! I get the opportunity to work with this babe all through the year. We even recently went to Spain together to tackle an elopement! She is beyond a wizard with her skills, but now it is her turn to be in front of the camera…(insert evil laugh….) :)

Joel, Kaitlyn, and their pup General greeted me with warm smiles, pumpkin spice scents, and their sweet-sweet love.

I loved photographing them in their home. Each frame brought more and more intimacy as the shoot continued. We started with coffee in their kitchen, to cuddling outside in their hammock, and then ended in the bedroom (oh-la-la!)!  I love how they trusted me and let me take a peek into their sweet little world. Their love and connection was the absolute sweetest.


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