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Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographer | Madti + Kaz -Bridal Portraits

I’m an observer and like most people,I love to people watch. Mainly because of there actions, emotions, and gestures. With that said, I met Kaz and Matilda for the first time over a delicious cup of coffee. We sat in a comfy-lounge area and Kaz instantly insisted on buying my coffee and letting us gals begin our chat. As he walked away he looked back one last time at his finance and smiled. ¬†There was something different about his smile,something more meaningful, then I realized he smiled with his heart. Seeing that and the glow it gave Matilda gave me chills!! I was swooning and wanted to learn more about these two, and then I did.

I’m so happy to have found such genuine and sweet humans…and the best part? Their madly in love. Witnessing their affection for one another was inspiring and I couldn’t wait to photograph them. Matilda and Kaz are getting married in June, but they decided to go ahead and do a “pre-bridal” session! ((#happydance!))

We met at Rosemary Beach, where Matilda and Kaz had their first date (adorable right?!). They looked stunning (special thanks to Crystal Byrd who did hair and make-up) and I loved that the location took them back to a special memory. As soon as I got them in front of the camera their love shined brighter then the pretty flares you’ll see below. After, we adventured down to Camp Helen and finished our session down by the sea.

Matilda and Kaz, thank you for trusting me and allowing me to take you “off-roading” through trails and ending in beautiful spots. As well as letting me photograph your love, your amazing smiles, and your genuine souls. ¬†Our paths crossed for a reason and I feel lucky to call you guys my friends. You two are amazing and I can’t wait to continue this love story in June.


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