Between my lovely model, her sequined gown, and her rainbow locks, there is so much AWESOMENESS and PRETTINESS in these stunning bridal portraits below! My lovely friend, Kaylyn Weir, rocked these shots in her rad sequin gown from Nasty Gal. Seriously, its drop-dead gorgeous! I love the fun-edgy risk to these as bridal portraits!  Who says you have to wear a white gown to get married?!

We started this session at a mini-golf course (we had to act like ninjas because we didn’t ask for permission). It complimented the style I was going for along with Kaylyn’s fun hair! There were a lot of fun elements to play with including  a huge cactus, a purple castle, and a giant totem pole head! Once we made our way to the castle we used confetti from and their “party” hair pin for a few shots!  The bright colors against that purple was perfect.

Running to the car was quite a scene, especially Kaylyn in her adorable little pom-pom heels! Again, we were fleeing the scene before we got busted (you can call us #rebels). At this time, the sun was starting to set. Chasing the sun, we pulled over just in time.  I then photographed Kaylyn on the beautiful beaches of Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

I’m so in love with these portraits and I hope you are too!



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