Panama City Beach, FL-

 We love fashion, summer, and vintage.  What better way to show you then with a lovely session!  We both are inspired by colors, fog, distressed-open spaces, geometry, clouds, flare, glitter…should I even go on?  Amy and I are thrift store treasure hunters, someones trash always turns into our gold!  My friend ,Stephanie O’Brien, owns “Fresh Vintage”,  an online vintage clothing store and has a little vintage booth downtown.  She always has radical things, from clothes to accessories!  Every time I go there I instantly think how amazing these clothes would be for a fashion shoot.  So I did one.

 Inspired by clothes, summer, and vintage, we set forth to create our fashion shoot.   Since we shoot a lot of the time in the sand we wanted something to still do with the water, but still be different.  Our fashion/ editorial shoot included working with our  gorgeous model, Spencer.  She did such an amazing job and we all had a lot of fun shooting this! We have some conceptual shoots coming your way so don’t miss them!  Contact us for your own fashion shoot!

These shoots feed our souls, we love everything about them, we only hope you do to…


Autumn & Amy

Hello Miss Lovely Photography | Summer + Vintage = FashionHello Miss Lovely Photography | Summer + Vintage = FashionHello Miss Lovely Photography | Summer + Vintage = Fashion Hello Miss Lovely Photography | Summer + Vintage = Fashion


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  1. Renee says:


  2. T Hughes says:

    Woah great job Autumn and Co. These turned out crisp and pretty!

  3. Rachel Roberts says:

    Love these pics!

  4. Teresa Henson says:

    The pictures are really beautiful and artful. I love all the poses and Spencer looks great!!

  5. Rachel Hoffman says:

    These came out so great Autumn and Amy.. And Spence, you are such a minx! I love how her freckles really popped in a few of them. Keep it up!

  6. Dena Vaughn says:

    These are absolutely stunning! Beautiful work ladies

  7. Nicole Nye says:

    Autumn these pictures are amazing! Spencer you look great. Love what you guys did together.

  8. Dena Vaughn says:

    These are absolutely stunning. Very beautiful, ladies!

  9. Rebecca Albano says:

    Wow…These are incredible. Spencer- Jesus Christ. Love abounds.

  10. Mary says:


  11. Becca Tassin says:

    You ladies do such a wonderful job! Love the shoot, especially the black and white ones. Keep it up, I love it!!!

  12. Hello Miss Lovely says:

    Thank you all!! We both had so much fun shooting this, and Spencer made our jobs easy! Such a beautiful gem!

  13. Emma McKeever says:

    You guys did an awesome job! This shoot looks like it’s straight out of a Free People catalog – with a little twist. So lovely… And Spencer is such a babe!

  14. Mackenzie Mitchell says:

    Amazing photos yet again, Autumn!! If I didn’t know better I would think Spencer was a professional!

  15. Rando says:

    Great Job, both of you!

  16. wow%20this%20chick%20is%20drop%20dead%20gorgeous%20!!!!!

  17. Also the photography is astounding!!! Great job Autumn!!!!

  18. Jerry Cain says:


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