Jessica + Matt’s Alys Beach wedding story below…


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Jessica and Matt said their adorable vows in Alys Beach, FL at the Fonville Press.  This area is absolutely gorgeous!  It’s bold white architectural homes are designed to please the eye and I must say makes a beautiful back drop.  This Alys Beach wedding was simply perfect.  With Jessica an architect herself the location was a perfect match.  With that said, Jessica and Matt designed all their geometric details; the candle holders, flower vases, and the iron-rod geometric cube alter (try saying that fast 10 times!)!  These two creative souls were so much fun to be around!  They are both laid back and rolled with the day as it unfolded.

One thing I love to do when photographing a bride and groom is paying attention to their relationship.  It intrigues me as an artist to portray those emotions shared between two people in love.  For Matt and Jessica it was instant.  Their respect and love for on another shines through every action and gesture they make.  They both enjoy the others jokes and just a gentle arm touch sends an instant smile to the mouth.   You can see in the images above their friendship, their passion and affection towards each other, and most of all…their happiness.




Special thanks to my lovely friend, Amy Smith, for 2nd shooting this wonderful wedding with me.

Floral Design: Myrtie Blue

Catering: Caliza Restaurant 

Cake: Sugar Art by Angela

Rentals (dance floor, ceremony chairs, rain tent): H&M Event Rentals – Jeff McDowell

Coordinator: Meghan Kelly of Alys Beach


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  1. Amazing wedding photos :D

  2. STUNNING wedding dress! Gorgeous photography!

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